Indian Food with Health as an Ingredient

Indian Culture

“Health is wealth” is the most important proverb that one has to remember with heart and mind. Physicians prescribe daily exercise for good health. If we look at Indian history and culture, we can see that Indians lived very happily and healthy even in past centuries when medicine was not fully developed. The secret lies in their daily routine called Food. Indian food is known throughout the world. It has become the identity of India around the world. Indian food is best known for its spices. The whole subcontinent is famous for the spices found here and taste they bring to meals. Usually foreigners regard Indian food as too much spicy to eat but once they get accustomed to the taste they truly enjoy it.

In India, People usually eat in green banana leaves. When hot rice is served, the starch of the leaves will be combined with the food and it helps in healthy digestion of food.

Turmeric is one of the major ingredients in all the Indian cuisines and it helps in smoothening of the throat and  increases  resistance power of the body.

Wide usage of fresh coconut helps in supplying required proteins. Cereals will reduce the cholesterol and facilitates free flow of blood. Fresh vegetables like carrot, beans, onions, tomatoes are  a daily routine seeing that body is balanced with all the proteins and vitamins required.

Stored food and fast foods are not a part of Indian cuisine and are strictly avoidable as they spoil the health. Influence of Indian medicine “Ayurveda” can be seen keenly on Indian food. It is said that nonvegetarian foods will disturb the health.

Heavy food is not advised. One has to regulate usage of oils and according to Ayurveda, only boiled food without oil is to be consumed. Hope you taste the food and know its greatness.

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