Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Accessories

Wedding day is the most special day of any girl’s life and it is worthy of preparations accordingly. You can find lots of options online for your hair accessories to go with your dress. is one such site that can provide you with numerous options to make your day special.

  • Bridal Hair Jewelry – some gals find this there main choice, crystals, pearls or rhinestones, using a hair pin. Great for casual or formal.
  • Bridal Veils – still a traditional choice, short or long depending on your dress or style of wedding, there are some stunning designs around.
  • Hair Combs and Hair Pins – elegant and reasonably priced, a big range of colors, styles, flowers are still trendy, depending on the length of your hair, match style of dress and other accessories used.
  • Hair Bows and Hair Bands – some stunning hair bands around from Jennifer Behr, with Swarovski Crystal in, for hair bows the big ones look stylish, match your bridal accessories.
  • Crystal Tiaras or Bridal Tiaras – for a traditional wedding this is still the best way to go, a headpiece comes with Swarovski Crystals or Rhinestones or even Pearls, but watch that you don’t overdo all the other accessories. Just remember to practise wearing them before the wedding or try some on in a store to see what they feel like. Some people are prone to headaches if not used to wearing hair bands.
  • Crystal Tresses – quite trendy among younger people, either comes in magnet forms or on a thin nylon that you place in your upswept or tousled hairstyle, or scatter around your hair.
  • Crystal Vines – another popular trend, more functional as you can use them afterwards as a necklace as they have an extender on or Jennifer Behr does some great ones. Or even wrapped around your ponytail, if that’s what your fancy doing.

For getting it right with bridal hair accessories

It is all about using common sense and sometimes less is better, if you are wearing a crystal tiara, then watch what else you mix with it, a pair of earrings or necklace, just make sure it all goes together and is not too over the top. See the end results and feel like that princess that you are going to be on your special day in your bridal hair accessories. Some of the recent royal weddings, the bride that married into the Greek royal family, simple bridal tiara and she looked absolutely stunning, the dress helped of course.

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