5 Most Worthy Eye Makeup Red Lipstick


If you want to take red lipstick, but you do not know how you should do your eye makeup, eye makeup, you can browse our suggestions below! Whether natural or … you can choose many different stunning eye makeup, and red lipstick to complete the style.

1-Natural and daily outlook

If you’re already well on the natural makeup, using red lipstick in the daily makeup, you can create a natural look. If you think it’s a bit exaggerated to lead the way to work the red lipstick, you’re wrong! Because of red lipstick, next to power in the most difficult meeting you! It is applied correctly, and you should make sure that only the right eye makeup finish. Apply mascara to the eyelashes, and take a nude-toned shadow on the upper eyelid. Then apply the lipstick red lips that you love the most. That’s it!

2-Glittering eye makeup

If you want to make the eyes appear more prominent and brilliant in tone nude, apply a shimmering eye shadow to the lid, and you can highlight the lashes with mascara. Finally persistent red lipstick, you can complete the makeover.


If you want to draw attention to the eyes and lips at the same time, the outlook is for you! Smoky eye makeup and red lipstick can be a very harmonious pair, as long as no more than exaggerated eye makeup! To do this, apply dark brown instead of black or dark gray eye shadow, and deal with your fingertips after applying eyeliner on the upper eyelid in a similar tone. Lashes with mascara to give volume scan. The result: dramatic and stunning; but never overdone!


If you want to view red lipstick in a classical style, in the eyes gölgelendirip natural tones and subtle enough to take a whopping eyeliner. After applying mascara in abundance, you can complete the classic red lipstick makeover.

5-Cats eyes

The timeless and iconic cat eye is a combination of our favorite among our eyeliner red lips! You do not need too much effort for you to view it. Only tailed, apply a thick eyeliner, mascara drive. Then the red lipstick is perfectly applied, and enjoy the attractive appearance!

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